Our Brand, Our Story 💁🏻

Hey lovelies,


Lalabella was formed in July 2018 with the idea of becoming a highly thought of brand by girls who can relate to our values and style.


Our brand is many things: inclusive, quirky, relatable and most importantly on a level with our audience. It means a lot to us to think that girls shop on Lalabella because they love what we create and the way our brand impacts their mood/style.


You may see on our socials or website that we use the term '#iamlalabella'. This basically means that when our customers/supporters tag this in their pictures, it means they stand with us as a business, they represent themselves to have the same values as we do which is an amazing thing to have as a brand.


We love all our customers and people we have worked/working with! We will use this an opportunity to make a change, even if it's only a small one to begin with.


Thanks for supporting us & we hope to see your tagged #iamlalabella pictures soon!


With love, always

lalabella ❣️

Kasie Maunders (CEO)